Bell Canyon, CA Holiday Lighting

As Christmas time quickly nears, you will see one house after another transformed into displays of Christmas lights. If you have the opportunity to drive through Bell Canyon at Christmas time, you will see house after house decorated with care. Many trees have been wrapped in lights. There are spheres hanging from the trees. Many people have “lawn art” which is lit up as if to tell a story in their front yard. Bell Canyon was hit hard in the fires in 2018 and we had the chance to witness destruction and rebuilding. We decorated quite a few homes and I hope we can get back to decorate some more! The guard gate and trees were decorated so nicely and were a shining light in the wake of the current circumstances.
We would love to come out and give you a quote for our lighting services. We have many different lights to choose from. Some people like warm white and others like multi-color. Whatever you like, we will make your house look like a dream!

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