Wedding, Corporate And Special Event Lighting Service By Malibu Fundraisers

Need a fundraising lighting company that won’t break the bank? We can provide lighting for silent auction tables, bands, dj’s, live auctioneers, presenters on stage and more. Let us know you budget and we will work hard for you and over deliver! With a fundraising event, you probably have a pretty tight budget. Luckily, lighting an event space isn’t an all or nothing proposition. If 25 uplights would give the ultimate lighting experience for a room, go for 15 lights. It will still look great and you will be saving money. Some events may require going all out but if you don’t have a big budget, call us and we can still work out a nice lighting package for you. We will be covering some options that you can choose from.

Uplighting to Provide Color for the Room

Uplighting gives your event space that added WOW! factor. Uplighting is typically placed around the room pointed upwards towards the ceiling. Certain elements on a wall can enhance the effect of the lighting. Uplighting can also be placed at the base of pillars and pointed directly at a wall to give a color wash effect. How many uplights is enough? Well, that is a matter of preference. Some people like the entire room washed in color. Other clients like a touch of color here and there. We typically spread our lights anywhere from 10′ to 15′ apart to give the room a real party feel. The light color can be just about anything you want. We had a customer ask for grey uplights once. I had to scratch my head for a minute. I guess it’s kind of like asking for black uplights. We might as well not even show up!

Texture Lighting: Add Patterns to Walls, Floors, and Ceilings

Texture lighting is an added element to lighting that is really inspiring. You can choose from hundreds of patters, even create your own. The texture can encompass one area of a ceiling or completely cover the ceiling. For design ideas, check out Rosco for gobo designs. There are steel gobos and glass gobos. There are gobo rotators that can create very interesting lighting effects. the gobos come in different sizes depending on the type of light fixture that will be used.

Pin Spot Lights to Accent Table Centerpieces and Auction Items

Pin spot lighting is one of the most overlooked lighting elements. People spend hundreds of dollars on nice colorful and elaborate centerpieces. When the party gets started and the lights go dim, can you really see the centerpiece as intended? Look at the pictures below. Notice the tables. They have pinspots on each of the flowered centerpieces. Without pinspots, the flowers would look very dark. Pinspots also gives the table a shimmering effect with the light hitting the glassware and silverware.

Lighting For The Auction Tables

When you are trying to make money, the last thing you want is for people to bypass the auction sheets because they can’t read them. We have been to many silent auctions on a personal level and it’s amazing how many times we have seen poorly lit auction items and auction sheets. We won’t let you down! Now just use bigger fonts! Our pinspots are battery powered which means they can be placed almost anywhere. We had a job where the auctions items were outside and then were brought in later. We just moved our lights very easily without having to run extension cords all over the place. We can add color to these pinspots if certain color schemes of the party need to be coordinated.

Dance Floor Lights

Without dance floor lights, it is really tough to get motivated to dance. People want a good beat and great lighting! We have a wide array of dance floor lights including our new 7′ tall X 25′ long L.E.D. tube fixture. This light fixture can turn colors, go fast, move to the beat and leave your guests in awe! We also have lasers and other lighting effects.

Spotlights To Highlight Speakers

Let us know ahead of time and we can provide a follow spot or another stage lighting to light up whatever you want. In this picture, we didn’t know there would be a live auctioneer so we quickly grabbed a mini spotlight and used it to follow him around the room. It worked great in a pinch!

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