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Malibu Event Lighting is more than just an event lighting company. When we remove our lighting from an event or from taking down our holiday lights, people complain that it’s too dark in their yard. People get very excited when we mention that we install landscape lighting. Many of our clients feel that outdoor lighting is one of the most satisfying purchases they have ever made. Our clients end up utilizing their yeard space more effectively and just happen to throw a few more parties! Malibu Event Lighting uses licensed contractors along with our installers to make sure everything is to code. We have lighting packages to fit most peoples budgets. If you will be living in your house for less than 5 years, we won’t recommend higher end products unless you want them. If you will live in your house for over 5 years, choose quality lighting fixtures. They are stronger and withstand the abuse that some gardeners place on them when working in your yard. We offer complete lighting design and installation for every property and every style.

By the way, if you use your gardener to install landscape lighting, chances are they will be using a ‘house brand’ light fixture that they will purchase from one of the local landscape supply companies. Most brands like this only have a 5-year warranty. Our lights have a lifetime warranty.

If it looks good during the day, wait until you see it at night…

San Fernando Valley’s Outdoor Lighting Specialists

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