Lighting That Wows At Every Wedding & Party In Malibu

We want to make your special day perfect! We would like to celebrate with you by making your wedding day come to life through color. We can work with your event planner to come up with a lighting design that fits with the rest of your decor. Though our experience in providing wedding lighting, we have compiled a list of items you may want to consider for your special day.

1.Uplighting to Provide Color for the Room

Uplights give your wedding that added WOW! factor. In many cases, the venue you have chosen may not have the most exciting decor. Uplighting can be placed around the room to highlight the architectural features of the walls and ceilings. Certain elements on a wall can enhance the effect of the lighting. Uplighting can also be placed at the base of pillars and pointed directly at a wall to give a color wash effect. You might be asking how many uplights to rent. Well, that is a matter of preference and practicality. Too many uplights might be overwhelming. With too little uplights, the room will look sparse. We typically spread our lights anywhere from 10′ to 15′ apart to give the room a balanced feel. The light color can be just about anything you want. We can do single colors or multi-color. It’s your choice! We use uplights that have a dedicated Amber L.E.D light. Some older uplights will have a green tint because of the way they mix the colors.

2.Texture / Gobo Lighting: Add Patterns to Walls, Floors and Ceilings

Texture lighting is an added element to lighting that is really inspiring. You can choose from hundreds of patterns (gobos), even create your own. The texture can encompass one area of a ceiling or completely cover the ceiling. You can also shine the texture lighting on floors, sides of buildings and more. For design ideas, check out Rosco for gobo designs or Apollo Designs. Don’t wait too long because it could take a week to get them in. There are steel gobos and glass gobos. Steel gobos cost around $15 dollars and glass gobos can cost over $100. Glass gobos are used when you need the finest of details to shine from the lights. There are gobo rotators that can create very interesting lighting effects. The gobos come in different sizes depending on the type of light fixture that will be used. There are many gobos designed for wedding events.

3. Market Lights / Bistro Lights / String Lights

As you can see, there are many names for these types of lights. For the most part, they all mean the same thing. We use string lights though to describe a long string of lights that are more of the Christmas style mini-lights. Bistro lights can give an indoor or outdoor space a truly magical look. Your wedding photos will come out looking spectacular! We are the leaders in bistro light installation. Let our images speak for themselves!

4.Food Lighting / Bar Lighting

Food stations in the dark just don’t look very good. People like to see what they are eating. We can provide lighting for your buffet tables and bar areas. We love to light the bar in a way that creates a special scene. Take a look at our photos and you can see what we are talking about!

5.Table Pin Spot / Centerpieces & Cake Lighting

Pin spot lighting is one of the most overlooked lighting elements. People spend hundreds of dollars on nice colorful and elaborate centerpieces for their wedding. When the party gets started and the lights go dim, can you really see the centerpiece as intended? Look at the pictures above. Notice the tables. They have pinspots on each of the flowered centerpieces. Without pinspots, the flowers would look very dark. Pinspots also gives the table a shimmering effect with the light hitting the glassware and silverware.

6.Dance Floor Lighting

Will your DJ bring dance lights? Without dance floor lights, it is really tough to get your wedding crowd motivated to dance. People want a good beat and great lighting! We have a wide array of dance floor lights including our new 7′ tall X 25′ long L.E.D. tube fixture. This light fixture can turn colors, go fast, move to the beat and leave your guests in awe! We also have lasers and other lighting effects.

7.Copper Arch

Copper wedding arches are really popular now. Check out our pictures and see if our wedding arch will work for your wedding. Have another idea? Let us know and we can make something custom for you.

8.Starry Fairy Light Curtain

Our L.E.D. Curtain backdrop can be used for all sorts of purposes. We used it for a wedding and had it behind the DJ.

9.Tree Lighting

Wherever the venue, lighting up the surrounding trees and make a space look like a paradise! We light trees, bushes and all sorts of plants.

10.Video Projector / Projector Screen

We can display images, montages on our screen from the front or behind.

11.DJ Speaker System (Microphones)

Our speaker system is like no other. We use a Bose L/1 system with two sub-woofers. The sound is super clean and guaranteed to deliver!


We have a collection of chandeliers and we can hang from trees, cables and most anywhere. If you don’t like our selection, purchase your own and we can hang it for you!

13.LED Dance Floor

This is a one of a kind dance floor that we build. No one has anything else like it. Imagine your guests dancing the night away with the lights beating to the music and creating an array of effects. Check out our video for more information.

14.LED Tube Lights

Our LED Tube Lights are another one of a kind product. Designed to go behind a DJ or live band, people are always in amazement at what these tube lights can do. We have used these at countless weddings and parties.

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