Christmas Light Installation Service Hidden Hills, CA

As Christmas time quickly nears, you will see one house after another transformed into brilliant displays of Christmas lights. Hidden Hills is a unique community of homes that cater to horses, chickens, goats and many other types of animals. The architecture can range from simple farmhouse type to modern styles. We have served the Hidden Hills area for many years and are used to the protocols of working there. Our offices are located near the guard gate off of Burbank Blvd. We have installed all types of holiday lighting on roofs, trees, pathways and more. If for some reason we have to come to your residence on a Sunday, we use a regular vehicle. When hanging Christmas lights, we don’t make any noise. There are no power tools required. We generally wrap trees with mini lights and put holiday lights on your gutter line. There are so many designs that we can do for you and we are great at matching your home with the right amount of lights. I used to live in Hidden Hills from 1963 – 1965. The amazing part is that when I return to hang our Christmas, the landscape still remains the same! Yes, older homes are being torn down and re-built all over the place but the general atmosphere is just like I remembered. Many memories were good except for the terrifying incidents of kids on horses trying to run me down on the bridal trail! We used to make sleds out of cardboard boxes and zoom down the hills through the light colored weeds! Going down was fun but coming back up required some work! We lived on Jacob Hamlin Road and the homes were brand new. There were many vacant lots where we could play and not get in trouble! We have installed holiday lighting on the new side of Hidden Hills and the older side. It doesn’t make a difference to us. We get in as early as we can and try to get your holiday lighting up before Thanksgiving. We remove the lights after New Years Day. If you have a special request to leave the lights up a bit longer, we can accommodate that. Our lights aren’t mean to stay up all year. The sun beats on the wiring and the cold contracts the wiring. This makes the wiring on trees and bushes start to slip and soon lights will slide down a tree. We don’t like to use stapes but if the owner says it’s ok we will. This will keep the lights from slipping down a tree. We can make the perfect Christmas display for you. Hidden Hills is an area where people are proud of their Christmas lights. We hope that you will use us for the installation of your Holiday lights.

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