Christmas Light Installation Service Woodland Hills, CA

As Christmas time quickly nears, you will see one house after another transformed into displays of Christmas lights. I am sure you have been to Candy Cane Lane in Woodland Hills off of Desoto next to the 101 freeway. People spend many hours decorating their houses for the holidays. Night after night, people come from all over the San Fernando Valley to move slowly from street to street while admiring the Christmas light installation of the neighborhood. I used to hang our Christmas lights every year in Woodland Hills CA as a teenager. It wasn’t until I formed Malibu Event Lighting and studied the art of hanging Christmas lights that I found I was basically a hack doing the best I could! There are all sorts of professional products that end up giving a much better Christmas Display. Gone are the nails in the eves and the rickety ladders I used to use. Now we are saving hundreds of husbands from the peril that ladders and being up on a roof can bring. The funny thing is that I still have boxes of lights that I haven’t used in years. I just have the energy to untangle the mess of lights and deal with the bulbs that are out and the colors have faded. Let us help you make the perfect Christmas display. Woodland Hills is an area where people like to show off their yard. We just provided a quote to a lady and she told us that this year, she wanted to get Christmas lights put up because every year, she gets so busy and forgets. Then she sees her neighbors with their holiday lights up and she gets really frustrated. Let us design your Christmas display, install, maintain and store your materials so that every year, you can enjoy the holidays with the Christmas Spirit

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